Sharing is Caring on Facebook


  Have you ever shared something that you thought was really amazing and then nobody commented or "Liked" it. Have you wondered why? That was pretty funny! I know that Suzie and Joe will think that is so them! I know they are on Facebook now. Why are they not seeing this amazing thing that I posted? They must hate me or maybe I'm blocked or I'm sure it's for a stupid reason. Well Suzie and Joe probably can't SEE that amazing meme or recipe for getting rid of bunions. The reason and simple and I'm here to help you to figure it out. Facebook offers us different ways of sharing things with our friends: Public: Anyone and their dog can see it. If someone Goggles your name and your posts are public, they can read them. They don't have to be friends with you to see it. Public is a great way to share an event, fundraiser, etc with your EVERYONE! If you ever make something public, remember to change the settings back on your next post. Friends: My friend's can see the post. If I tag a … [Read more...]


World Book Night 2013


I was honored to participate in World Book Night. World Book Night is a program that gives away thousands of free books on April 23, every year. You sign up at the World Book Night site and if you are picked, 20 books are sent to your local book store or library for you to pick up and distribute, at no cost to the giver.  This was my first year and I had no clue as to what to expect. I was able to give away most of my copies of David Sedaris' book, "Me Talk Pretty One Day" I set up at my local coffee shop, Rock Creek Roasters. Who doesn't like coffee and books? I had my table set up with a sign, bookmarks, info about World Book Night and of course books. My friend, Trish, stopped by to keep me company. I gave out quite a few books, but these two stories really touched me and I wanted to share. There was a gentleman sitting across from my table, who keep looking at the books and looking away. This went on for quite sometime. Finally, I walked over to him with a copy of the book and … [Read more...]


A Golden Day


Many of you know that when we adopted our dog, Katie, we started fostering for Rez Dog Rescue. My friend, Sheri, runs the group and I have wanted to interview her for my t.v. show for a while. Since my little local show for The Museum of Women's History is about interesting women, I begged Sheri to agree to let me interview her. She is smart and funny, but not a big fan of being in the limelight. I reminded her that my show is on the same channel that broadcasts school-board meetings and city council meetings. It's not as if it a national show.  I was thrilled when she said, "yes." Mind you it wasn't enthusiastic or excited. More like "ok, you wore me down, I'll do an interview."  I was just so happy she agreed I didn't really care how she said yes, just that she did. Friday was our day to do the deed. I sent her the questionnaire to fill out and the release form.  She picked me up at work and thrust that those papers at me the minute I got in the car. She was not really excited … [Read more...]


Frisking, First Class and Friends


  My friend, Jenny, decided to fly me home for my birthday! I have not been to Duluth Minnesota for over a year. What a fun idea! Go home, have a party with girlfriends, freeze to death! For those of you who live in a box and don't get weather updates, Minnesota is in a huge deep freeze right now. When everything was confirmed to go home I decided to email a couple blogging friends. It felt kind of rude to say, "Hey, I'm going to be coming to Msp. Minnesota. Wanna come hang out for a while?" However, rude be damned, I wanted to meet these gals and this was going to be a good opportunity to do so.  I really wanted to meet Beth Ann from It's Just Life, if you click the link it will take you to her post on the meet up. Beth Ann's blog does "Comments for a Cause" For every comment she receives about her blog posts, she donates 50 cents to a cause of the month. For January and February, the cause is our friend Nina and her family.  I also really wanted to meet Audrey from Minnesota … [Read more...]


We Interrupt W.W. For an Important Message

Everyday we hear about horrible events that happen to other people. We say a little prayer and are thankful that it wasn't us.  On January 5th, something horrible happened to my friend, Nina's husband, Tom. That knock at the door we hope we never get, Nina got. My heart hurts for her husband, her, their families. (Nina's blog is ArtsyNina) Below is what happened to her husband, in Nina's words. This was taken from Tom's  CaringBridge page. "Saturday January 5th, Tom left after lunch to ride snowmobile a little bit; he was going to visit a friend just outside of town.  Around 3pm he had still not returned and he had not sent any messages or called. This was VERY unusual for Tom and I was worried.  Normally he'll be out for 30-45 minutes and always, ALWAYS sends me random text messages. I called friends that Tom sometimes rides with to ask if he had been by.  I hopped online to see if he used our check-card anywhere; maybe he stopped for something to eat or there would be another … [Read more...]


Wordless Wednesday


This is the most lovely ad for a vibrator. It can "cure disease at home." I find it interesting that it's for "All Men and Women" Usually, these were marketed for the "hysterical" woman Whoo Whoo! No more "curing" your diseases in public!! I really want to turn this into some kind of card. Any suggestions are welcome! … [Read more...]