Purse Porn


We got the purse display up at The Museum of Woman's History yesterday. I will post pictures once they get posted on the Museum's Facebook page. I promised I would share some of my odd purses with you.  For those of you who are new here, I have an unusual purse collection.  I display them at the Montana Fair every year. This year, I want to make the display different. Instead of just slamming purses in a display, making them a bit more fun. Any cool ideas you have for displaying them for the Montana Fair are most welcome.  For example theses are how I plan on displaying a couple of them: My Chinese take-out purse will have chopsticks next to it. My teapot purse will have a teacup next to it. What would you do to jazz these purses up? Click on the pictures to make them bigger. The purse on the left is made out of coca cola bottle caps. The handle is a long spring from a screen door. The purse on the right is one of my favorites. Its a real working telephone. The handle is the receiver. … [Read more...]