How Are People Finding Me – Part 3


Welcome to Part 3 of  "How Are People Finding Me"  Every once in a while I dig around in my stats to find out what search terms people are using to find me. The results intrigue me and sometimes scare me a bit as well.  Sometimes I can figure out what post would have popped up on their search, other times I really have no clue how they landed in my little corner of the internet. Let's get started shall we? My first result is the post popular search term for the past week.  "What to do with my empty cigarette packs" Most people just throw them away. However, I'm going to guess that this was the post they found: Purse Porn, a post showing my purse made of cigarette wrappers. That was easy! I hope they are all this easy to figure out. Let's move on to the past 3o days, shall we? This one made me wonder who on earth is actual looking for this and knows the proper term for it. Not 1 but 3 people used this term: "testrone radium energizer"  (spelling was the search term, not mine) I'm … [Read more...]


Wordless Wednesday


I thought this was just weird. I think kids would look like prost-a-tots . How many of you with kids would buy this for your kids? … [Read more...]


Where’s My Bra?

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  I was getting ready to go to work yesterday and couldn't find my bra. I don't know how I could have lost it for a short time. Its not as if its a training bra. More like two mixing bowls attached to a double hammock. Its not something that could be easily overlooked. Keep in mind at my age I'm NOT bragging about bra size. I'm too old for that game. I started wearing a bra in fourth grade. Slap a pair of glasses on top of that and I was really a confident girl. My other girlfriends didn't need bras until Jr. high. My best friend, Jenny could get her bras in the bargain bin at Kmart. I had to go find those old ja-ja Cross Your Heart bras. None of the cute lady bugs, squiggles or stuff like that. Jenny used to like to stuff her whole sock drawer in my bra and laugh like a mental patient. Good times.  Now that she is older, she has grown her own big girl chest and big bras are not so funny anymore. I gotta tell you it gives me great glee. Because I'm nice like that. Back to … [Read more...]