Its Going To Be a Long Day!


First I would like to apologize for the new post alerts. I'm still learning what WordPress can do. While I was going merrily along my way, I didn't realize that it would send an alert out to everyone. The second time I did it, I unchecked the "annoy everyone and send it a second time switch." However, it ignored me and sent it out anyway. Sorry about that. It won't happen again. Unless my hair is on fire or I'm in jail and need bail, you should only get one notification a day. I have sleep apnea,which means I snore LOUDLY and also stop breathing while I sleep. I use a c-pap machine which pushes air through my nose to keep my airway open. The picture is of my headgear that I wear at night. I know its sexy. You all want one, but nope, its mine. Last night was a long night. I was sleeping peacefully when suddenly my c-pap machine stopped working. I can always tell when it is shut off because I gasp like a fish for air. My first thought was that one of the cats did it. They have been … [Read more...]