How Much Weight Can a Jetta Take?

This is what 3 big girls look like in the back of a Jetta.
Me, Sarah, and Jenny

Friday is always a good day to post funny things. I will skip towards the end of my trip to giver everyone something to laugh about. On Monday, I'll go back to the start of the trip.  This blog is like my thought process, scattered all over the place. Our new friend, Sarah, offered to pick Jenny and me up on Sunday to do some site-seeing. She thought that we might like to go see other than  SLC The thought of getting out-of-town was wonderful! Sarah told us that Park City is where the Sundance Film Festival is held, a shopping outlet and a trip to the Utah Olympic Park. Oh, fun!! Most of the trip was all of us laughing and teasing each other. Strangers would think we had been friends for years. After running around for the day it was time to had back to SLC. We stopped at a gas station to get gas. Everything is going GREAT!! The car is full of gas, we are all piled back in the car, Sarah goes to start the car and NOTHING! She tries to start it again and again and nothing. She … [Read more...]


The Tale of Two Bloggers

Sweaty 1

Once upon a time, in Planet Blogosphere, lived a brilliant blogger named Sweaty. She was behind the inspiring and thought-provoking blog, Do Sweat the Small Stuff.  Critics and blog reviews had nothing but praises for this blog. Sweaty herself was an enigma, for no one has ever seen her.  But the cloud of mystery surrounding her identity only fueled speculations and myths around her existence.  Some said she looks like this others said like this but no one was truly sure. Among Sweaty's legion of admirers was a blogger named Bernie.  It was Bernie's dream to have Sweaty write a guest-post for her own blog, One Mixed Bag.  Unlike others who quit without a fight, Bernie refused to give up in her quest.  She was determined to get a hold of Sweaty. One fine day, Bernie got a call.  What sounded like a computer voice told her it was a call back from Do Sweat the Small Stuff Corporation and to please hold the line.  Bernie couldn't believe her luck!  She finally … [Read more...]


Where’s My Bra?

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  I was getting ready to go to work yesterday and couldn't find my bra. I don't know how I could have lost it for a short time. Its not as if its a training bra. More like two mixing bowls attached to a double hammock. Its not something that could be easily overlooked. Keep in mind at my age I'm NOT bragging about bra size. I'm too old for that game. I started wearing a bra in fourth grade. Slap a pair of glasses on top of that and I was really a confident girl. My other girlfriends didn't need bras until Jr. high. My best friend, Jenny could get her bras in the bargain bin at Kmart. I had to go find those old ja-ja Cross Your Heart bras. None of the cute lady bugs, squiggles or stuff like that. Jenny used to like to stuff her whole sock drawer in my bra and laugh like a mental patient. Good times.  Now that she is older, she has grown her own big girl chest and big bras are not so funny anymore. I gotta tell you it gives me great glee. Because I'm nice like that. Back to … [Read more...]


How Are People Finding Me?

Its time for another post about how people are finding my blog.  When one has a blog, they have a whole bunch of cool stats.  One of my favorites stats to monitor/obsess on is the  "Search terms people used to find your blog." It reassured me that the freaks and trolls on the internet are alive and well. Just when I think people can't get any more weird, my stats prove me wrong. Half of the fun is trying to figure out which post came up via the search. Some of them I can guess. Others, I just have no clue in hell what might have popped up for them.  I'm guessing that they were pretty disappointed with whatever it was.  Lets look at a few samples shall we? I will link up to the post I think they may have found. If you are new here, it is a great way to let the freaks on the internet suggest some of my old posts  you might want to read. I'm just pasting the terms as I see them. "clean as you go", I'm guessing that one was directed to Don't C.A.G.E. Me In. It has a lovely picture of … [Read more...]


Helping to Give Do Sweat a Name

It's always fun to find new blogging buddies. One of my newest friends is the blog Do Sweat the Small Stuff When she started blogging, she picked a name for her blog, like we all do. However, she never got past that. She needs a name to go with the blog. She is choosing to remain anonymous, how romantic and scary sounding. Which means she doesn't want to use her real name. I love to help out blogs and decided I would play along.  (Friday Four Fill-in will be back next week) As she started running around and reading blogs, she started to comment. Apparently, Do Sweat the Small Stuff is quite a bit to leave as a name on comments. I so agree.  Ms. Anonymous is looking for a name. What better way to get people involved than have a contest?! Who doesn't love a good contest?  She has a great prize package. All people have to do is think of a name she can go by in the bloggy world. However, it must have something to do with her blog name.  She is picky and think it should also give … [Read more...]


My Easter Quest

I didn't look this good going shopping.

  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, if you celebrate that holiday. If you don't, I hope you had a nice relaxing Sunday. The Meet Me on Monday hop is on hold this week. That works for me as I can share my Easter quest. Usually, we spend the holidays with Mr. Bernie's family. This year we decided to do something different and have Easter at home alone. I found a recipe to do ham in the crock-pot which sounded yummy, Ham in Cider. On Saturday Mr. Bernie picked up the stuff we needed to make our Easter dinner. We had the ham, but needed the odds and end.  He called and asked what we needed for the ham, I told him that I thought we had everything we needed. Perhaps I should have re-read the recipe. Easter morning I woke up and set out Mr. Bernie's Easter bucket. Treats, bubbles, something for the garden all waiting for him to get up and find. While I was sitting around pleased with myself for remembering being a good Easter Bunny, I decided to check my ham recipe. I … [Read more...]