How Are People Finding Me – Part 3


Welcome to Part 3 of  "How Are People Finding Me"  Every once in a while I dig around in my stats to find out what search terms people are using to find me. The results intrigue me and sometimes scare me a bit as well.  Sometimes I can figure out what post would have popped up on their search, other times I really have no clue how they landed in my little corner of the internet. Let's get started shall we? My first result is the post popular search term for the past week.  "What to do with my empty cigarette packs" Most people just throw them away. However, I'm going to guess that this was the post they found: Purse Porn, a post showing my purse made of cigarette wrappers. That was easy! I hope they are all this easy to figure out. Let's move on to the past 3o days, shall we? This one made me wonder who on earth is actual looking for this and knows the proper term for it. Not 1 but 3 people used this term: "testrone radium energizer"  (spelling was the search term, not mine) I'm … [Read more...]


Mr. Bernie Makes a Sucky Girlfriend


When I get ready in the morning, I put clips in my hair.  The kind the beautician puts in your hair before she cuts it.  My hair Goddess taught me that would help me make fun curls. I'm usually good about remembering to take them out so I can finish my hair and not look like I ran away from the beauty parlor. Note the word, usually. On Saturday morning we got up early and cleaned our kitchen and living room. It was still early and we had worked up an appetite. Neither of us wanted to mess up the kitchen making breakfast, so I offered to run to McDonald's to pick up something to eat. I had already showered, so I was dressed and ready to go. I waddle out to the car, start it and I'm on my way. I looked in my rear view mirror and screamed. I was still wearing my clips in my hair.  Why didn't Mr. Bernie tell me? Why didn't he suggest I take those out before leaving? I quickly rip them out of my head before I get to the drive-thru and try to fluff up my hair. I was really annoyed. I … [Read more...]


Husband Birthday Card Shopping Can Be Hard


Mr. Bernie's birthday is coming up on Saturday. Last year was his 50th. birthday, so that meant a party during Thanksgiving and big presents. This year, we were so blessed with gifts from the wedding, its hard to know what to get him. Yesterday, after work, Mr. Bernie dropped me off at the mall so he could go do some manly stuff at Home Depot. Drool over the snow-blowers and beat his chest at other manly items. Buy cat food and other assorted fun items like that. When he dropped me off, I flew to the Hallmark store, exited about my first Husband birthday card. I had been looking forward to this for a whole week. I practically ran to the cards section to find his card. I tell you have not been this excited about buying a card in years. I stood in front of the cards, gasping after my rush to the store. I scanned the cards and my heart fell. That had about eight cards that said, Husband on them. Eight, I counted them! What kind of cruel joke is this? All my life it seemed as if the … [Read more...]


Learning New Words While Married

Being married is a new experience for me. It has been less than a month, so I have that going for me.  The first new word is my husband. Mr. Bernie and I have been together for so many years, that I slip and refer to him as my boyfriend or fiancée. I think I have only referred to him as my husband a couple of times.  It makes me feel like a little kids, playing grown up. As my friend Jenny pointed out, I can now buy him a card that says, "Happy Birthday Husband." That kind of freaked me out. A whole new way of talking and doing things. Things have been the same for so many years, that its hard to learn a new vocabulary. Another new word is Sister-In-Law. My brother has been married for years. So in my head when I say, "I talked to my Sister-in-Law" it means my brother's wife. Now I have another Sister-in-Law and must learn to use their real names. *lol* I never gave it any thought, until I mentioned to Mr. Bernie, "I talked to my Sister-in-Law today." He had to ask me which one? That … [Read more...]