Grazing at the Fair

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  Yesterday around noon I asked Mr. Bernie if he was hungry for lunch. He agreed that he was and suggested going to the Montana Fair to graze for lunch. That sounded good to me. It was over 90 degrees but no humidity, so it wouldn't be too bad. I was excited to have some fair food and check to see how my purses did. They did judging last week.   We got to the fair and I said my mantra for finding a place to park. "Hail Mary, full of grace, help us finding a parking space." My mom hates when I do that. Yet, it worked and we were able to park near the entrance. That was a good start to the day. The day just kept getting better and better from there. One of the building has vendors. People selling everything from apples to wool. We like to look around and see what we might need. Usually, its nothing. However, Mr. Bernie tried a little thing that helped loosen muscles and he spent the rest of the day debating if he wanted to buy it. We also had to stop by the … [Read more...]


Montana Fair Purse Display


Mr. Bernie and I went to set up my purse display this morning. It took us about two hours.  We decided on less shelves, then decided we wanted more shelves. That took a bit of figuring out. Mr. Bernie washed down the shelves and doors. I took purses out of totes and do-dads to add to them. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Mr. Bernie is a wonderful helper bee! I was so thankful to have his input on the display. Not sure why the pictures turned out so grainy. It could have been the light and his lack of using a flash. Click the picture to make it bigger. Row 1:It was Mr. Bernie's idea to put things on hooks in the back. On the top shelf is a calendar and a book on purses. We added chop-sticks to the take-out container. I found an image of a old library sign out card to put in front of the Nancy Drew book purse. Row 2: We found a teacup and saucer to go with the tea pot purse. The purse that is laying on its side is from ArtsyNina. I was given and borrowed some old … [Read more...]


The Tale of Two Bloggers

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Once upon a time, in Planet Blogosphere, lived a brilliant blogger named Sweaty. She was behind the inspiring and thought-provoking blog, Do Sweat the Small Stuff.  Critics and blog reviews had nothing but praises for this blog. Sweaty herself was an enigma, for no one has ever seen her.  But the cloud of mystery surrounding her identity only fueled speculations and myths around her existence.  Some said she looks like this others said like this but no one was truly sure. Among Sweaty's legion of admirers was a blogger named Bernie.  It was Bernie's dream to have Sweaty write a guest-post for her own blog, One Mixed Bag.  Unlike others who quit without a fight, Bernie refused to give up in her quest.  She was determined to get a hold of Sweaty. One fine day, Bernie got a call.  What sounded like a computer voice told her it was a call back from Do Sweat the Small Stuff Corporation and to please hold the line.  Bernie couldn't believe her luck!  She finally … [Read more...]


Purse Porn


We got the purse display up at The Museum of Woman's History yesterday. I will post pictures once they get posted on the Museum's Facebook page. I promised I would share some of my odd purses with you.  For those of you who are new here, I have an unusual purse collection.  I display them at the Montana Fair every year. This year, I want to make the display different. Instead of just slamming purses in a display, making them a bit more fun. Any cool ideas you have for displaying them for the Montana Fair are most welcome.  For example theses are how I plan on displaying a couple of them: My Chinese take-out purse will have chopsticks next to it. My teapot purse will have a teacup next to it. What would you do to jazz these purses up? Click on the pictures to make them bigger. The purse on the left is made out of coca cola bottle caps. The handle is a long spring from a screen door. The purse on the right is one of my favorites. Its a real working telephone. The handle is the receiver. … [Read more...]


Time to Dig Out Purses


  Its summer time. A time when people think of the beach and summer fun. Those things are nice. It's also the time when my purses get taken out of totes and get ready to show off. All year many of them sit in totes waiting to see the light of day. Knowing that when summer comes it will be their turn to get out. Their first showing will be at The Museum of Women's History in Downtown Billings. I'm going to be helping with their windows as a volunteer.  Last year the purses were quite a hit. It was fun sitting outside on break and watching everyone point and ask each other, "Is that really a purse?"  I was told it was one of the most popular window displays they had. For July we are going to do Women in Rodeo in one window and purses in the other. Kind of break it up a bit. The second display will be at the Montana Fair in August. I just have to send my registration form in. This year I'm going to display them differently. In the past I would just shove a bunch in the case. I … [Read more...]


Watch My Purse


I love unique and unusual purses.  I'm not a Coach, Kate Spade, Kathy Z. type of gal. A fact of which I'm sure Mr. Bernie's wallet is very thankful. The purses I like are the kind that people have to ask questions when they see them. "Is that a purse? Is that dead armadillo a real purse? Can you really use that purse to make a phone call?" You get the idea. The answer is always, yes. My love of purses helped to name this blog. A couple of years ago, Mr. Bernie and I went to dinner with his brother and the brother's girlfriend. There was a wait, so the girlfriend and I decided to go outside to get some air. I was carrying my bustier purse and left it on the table. I told Mr. Bernie to "watch my purse." He just gave me a nod, that was good enough for me. When I was outside our table was called. Mr. Bernie went into a panic, what to do about my purse being on the table and me being outside. The Mr. just sighed and stared at my purse. An old cowboy was sitting with his … [Read more...]