Learning New Words While Married

Being married is a new experience for me. It has been less than a month, so I have that going for me.  The first new word is my husband. Mr. Bernie and I have been together for so many years, that I slip and refer to him as my boyfriend or fiancée. I think I have only referred to him as my husband a couple of times.  It makes me feel like a little kids, playing grown up. As my friend Jenny pointed out, I can now buy him a card that says, "Happy Birthday Husband." That kind of freaked me out. A whole new way of talking and doing things. Things have been the same for so many years, that its hard to learn a new vocabulary. Another new word is Sister-In-Law. My brother has been married for years. So in my head when I say, "I talked to my Sister-in-Law" it means my brother's wife. Now I have another Sister-in-Law and must learn to use their real names. *lol* I never gave it any thought, until I mentioned to Mr. Bernie, "I talked to my Sister-in-Law today." He had to ask me which one? That … [Read more...]