Christmas Procrastination 101

Yesterday, the Mr and I finally were bitten by the Christmas spirit.  That means we looked at the calendar and screamed, "Holy Crap! Any presents going out-of-town have to ship on Monday! How did this happen?" It's almost as if we both popped out of being in a coma for months and are trying to make up for lost time.  It happens once a year. It just happened a lot later this year. After work, we went out to lunch to plan our strategy. I might drink a few times a year, if that. I was seriously debating on getting a tequila shot to steady my nerves before shopping among the masses. We discussed our list and which stores we wanted to hit. We were in agreement that we would avoid the mall like the plague. I'm not a big mall fan during the year. The thought of going a week before Christmas gives me facial tics. I think I feel one coming on now just writing about it. We bundled ourselves into the car. Both silent and somber as we drove to the first store. An outsider looking at us would think … [Read more...]